Thursday, January 27, 2011

Default look up value with out knowing the GUID only the text in MS CRM 4.0


The default lookup can be done clearly and in supported way as in sdk in my othe r link. Default lookup value with GUID.

Some times while working in dev,UAT and prodution and moving from here to there
or if any one deleted the record and recreated again , means in any chance the GUID got changed , then it will not work.
But one thing here is , only one record should be there in the same name.
Even if its unsupported, still very usefull.

document.all.<FieldScemaName>_ledit.value = 'Default Lookup Value';
document.all.<FieldScemaName>_ledit.value = '';

Hope it will help many more.


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  1. Hello,
    I have found that my solution is working well.

    I did find an issue that I cannot resolve.

    I have a lookup that has two values that are similar. One is "Preferred" and the other is "Preferred Rx".

    When I do a search for the "Preferred", I am getting an error that says there are multiple records for this. It is not selecting the item that is "Preferred".

    Here is the code below.

    document.all.new_appopdsubgroupforleadid_ledit.value = "Preferred";
    document.all.new_appopdsubgroupforleadid_ledit.value = "";

    How can I resolve this issue and still use the code above?

    Thanks for your help in advance.