Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Disabling Notes for deactivated records MS CRM

In the OnLoad event:

Code Snippet
/* [s] Disables the creation of new Notes, and editing of existing notes. Attachments can still be opened. */
//If the 'Close' button is showing, means that form Status = Resolved or Cancelled
var btnClose = document.getElementById("_MBwindowclose");
if (btnClose != null)
//Need to attachEvent, because IFRAME elements load asynchronously, and elements like 'newNoteButton' are not accessible on form load
var iframe = document.getElementById("notescontrol");
iframe.attachEvent('onreadystatechange', DisableNotes);
/* [e] */

The function DisableNotes:

Code Snippet
function DisableNotes()
//Hide 'Create a New Note' link
var NotesTable = window.frames[0].document.getElementById('NotesTable');
//Disable the entire table
NotesTable.disabled = true;
var TextArea = NotesTable.getElementsByTagName('TEXTAREA');
//It's still necessary to individually disable the Textareas where users edit the existing notes.
for (i=0;i<TextArea.length;i++)
TextArea[i].disabled = true;


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