Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All system jobs are waiting also workflows

Some times we will face scenarios like this, if we will go to settings -> system jobs and the status.

It happens if the asynch is not perfect.
1st check whether the asynch service is running or not.
If that is running, then check 3 things in DB.

go to the MSCRM_Config DB and the table it "DeploymentProperties".
make sure the following three values are perfect of the "NVarCharColumn" column.
ADRootDomainScheme :http
ADSdkRootDomain :<platformserver>:<port no>
ADWebApplicationRootDomain :<applicationserver>:<port no>
and if the "NVarCharColumn" value of columnaname "AsyncSdkRootDomain" in blank (mostly it happens), make it to :<applicationserver>:<port no>.

Then start the asynch service and test your work.


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