Monday, September 27, 2010

get data from grid Ms crm

Here are a few useful examples of getting some data from the grid in CRM. I’ve used these in my ISV.config customizations in order to grab certain data that i want to pass to my custom pages. For the most part, a lot of this stuff gets passed automatically when you specify PassParams = 1, but I often have to construct page links dynamically in ISV.config using Javascript, so the PassParams argument does not work.

First, here’s how to get the Id of the displayed view and the Object Type Code of the records it returns:

// get guid and object type code of view being displayed (otc 1039 = savedquery, system view)
var sViewId = document.all['crmGrid'].GetParameter('viewid');
var sViewType = document.all['crmGrid'].GetParameter('viewtype');

You may notice that the code is slightly different from what I’ve presented before. The method above is a more robust way of getting the data, as it also works with the Associated Grids on an entity’s form.
To get the Object Type Code of the records that are in the grid, use the following:

var sOtc = document.all['crmGrid'].GetParameter('otc');

The following snippet will allow you to retrieve an array containing the Id values of the selected records in the grid:

// get array of selected records
var a = document.all['crmGrid'].InnerGrid.SelectedRecords;
var selectedItems = new Array(a.length);
for (var i=0; i < a.length; i++)
selectedItems = a[0];

To get all of the records in the grid (ie. “All Records on Current Page”):

// array of all records on current page
var iTotal = document.all['crmGrid'].InnerGrid.NumberOfRecords;
var o = document.all['crmGrid'].InnerGrid;
var allItems = new Array;
for (var i=0; i < iTotal; i++)
allItems[i] = o.rows.oid;


If the grid you are working with is displaying records from an Associated View, you can use the following to retrieve the Id and Object Type Code of the main record:

// get object id and type code of main record when grid is an associated view
var oId = document.all['crmGrid'].GetParameter('oId');
var oType = document.all['crmGrid'].GetParameter('oType');

For kicks and giggles, here is some code that will retrieve the Grid XML. you can use this for researching other types of properties that are available from the grid object that I have not presented here (and there are a few):

var gridXml = document.all['crmGrid'].gridXml;

Bonus Snippet!I’ve seen a bunch of questions on how to retrieve the query used in an Advanced Find that has not yet been saved. Well, here ya go:

// Advanced Find fetchXml

This piece of code will display the Fetch XML that is used by the Advanced Find to query CRM.

To make scripts a little bit more readable, it is also possible to use crmGrid object directly instead of document.all['crmGrid']. e.g.:


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