Sunday, September 19, 2010

Automatic Workflow for Birthday Reminders

Well, this is not beyond the scope of workflow functionality. You need to think a bit and plan your fuctionality. Since workflow normally waits for a future date so let me give you a simple solution for this.

- Create a custom field at contact named next birthday

- Create two workflows:

#1 Update Next Birthday (This workflow sets the next birthday first time and will not execute thereafter)

Fire this workflow on create of contact/account or on change of birthday field.

If Birthday contains data Then

Update Contact Next Birthday Field by adding 12 Months in Birthday field

2) Birthday Reminder (This workflow sends reminder emails and updates Next Birthday Field after each execution by adding 12 months)

If Next Birthday contains data Then

Wait untill 5 days Before Birthday

Send Email reminder to user - Receptionist

Update Next Birthday = After 12 months of Current birthday

Hope it will work out.


1 comment:

  1. in order for this to work "Next birthday" should have the birth day and month of the user, but the current year. How do you set this, because the actual birth date is years in the past